• The Penida Project

    Join the research team at the IOP Headquarters in Nusa Penida and encounter some of the oceans most amazing megafauna including Manta Rays, Mola Mola’s, and Reef Sharks! Conduct survey dives, place underwater cameras, and take photo identification pictures for ongoing research projects. Apply online today!

  • The Komodo Project

    Departing July 2018, live aboard research vessel Lambo sailing and exploring the Komodo National Park. Get up close with Manta Rays, Hammerhead sharks, Komodo Dragons, and much more. Make every dive count by placing underwater cameras, participating in survey dives, and working alongside professional marine biologists.

  • The Raja Ampat Project

    Join the research team aboard research sailing vessel in Raja Ampat in January 2019. Explore ‘The Last Frontier’ while making every dive count towards our in house research projects. Accepting applications March 2018.


Indo Ocean Project is a marine research and conservation program in the heart of the coral triangle. Our field expeditions in Indonesia hosts international and local research projects geared towards marine mega fauna conservation efforts including sharks, rays, turtles, and…


Mission – Conserving Indonesia’s marine environment through research and education.   Vision – At Indo Ocean Project we envision a healthy and profitable marine ecosystem throughout Indonesia to benefit the growing tourism industry and help protect the livelihoods of local…

Get Involed

JOIN THE RESEARCH TEAM Apply online today for an adventure of a life time and join our research team in paradise. You don’t need to be a diver or a scientist to apply. Train alongside a team of international researchers…


PADI Dive Master and Research Diver Internship now accepting applications!

Thanks to our partners at Bali Diving Academy we have opened up a new project in the Penida Marine Park called the Penida Project! Join the team and earn you PADI Dive Master certification. Work alongside a team of experienced…

Dr. Mark Bond and BRUV Research in Indonesia

Dr. Mark Bond of Florida International University was raised in South Africa and received his PhD from Stony Brook University, NY. We asked him about his research and how BRUV data from Nusa Penida and Komodo will be used in…

Green Light on Komodo Expedition 2018

In our first 2 weeks of recruitment we have received applications from Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Taiwan, India, United Kingdom, Germany, France, South Africa, Canada, United Sates and Argentina! The enormous response in our initial recruitment has been such a…

Survey Dives

Being able to conduct rapid species assessments is becoming increasingly more important as a conservation research tool. Our research team uses the ‘Roving Diver Technique”, a visual surveying method designed specifically for actively seeking out and positively identifying indicator species….

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BRUV stands for Baited Remote Underwater Video. It consists of a GoPro that is mounted on a frame. 1 kg of bait is placed in a wire cage mounted on a pole in the camera’s field of view.  BRUV sampling…

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Mangrove Restoration

Mangrove forests are arguably the most diverse and important habitats on the planet. They are a nursery to most reef fish, creatures, and corals and provide essential support to other near by marine ecosystems. They are also one of the…

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