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Complete your Dive Master and Research Diver combination course in some of Indonesia’s top diving destinations. Work alongside an experienced staff of dive professionals and marine biologists and contribute to ocean science initiatives while obtaining an internationally recognized professional diving certification.

Experience close encounters with manta rays, sharks, turtles, and sunfish and enjoy the world class diving of Nusa Penida, Bunaken, or Bira has to offer. Take an active roll as a field researcher collecting vital data for international conservation databases including Support Our Sharks, eOceans, sharks-base, and The Great Ocean Log. Also take part and develop our resident projects such as Dr. Mark Bond’s (Florida International University) Baited Remote Underwater Video research, abundance survey dives, biodiversity mapping, micro plastic/marine debris surveys and more.

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Bira Project

Location: Tanjung Bira – Southern Sulawesi

Project Highlights: Shark ID, Marine park development, BRUV

Diving Highlight: reef sharks, turtles, incredible coral reefs, occasional hammerhead and thresher sharks

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