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Experience close encounters with manta rays, sharks, turtles and sunfish in some of Indonesia’s top diving destinations while completing your conservation divemaster internship and taking an active role as a field researcher.

Indo Ocean Project is a marine research and conservation program in the heart of the coral triangle, training the next generation of dive professionals through our conservation divemaster internship program. Our field expeditions in Indonesia hosts international and local research projects on marine conservation efforts including marine megafauna, coral restoration, ecological monitoring, community outreach and education programs. We are constantly seeking hardworking and enthusiastic people who take part in our divemaster/research diver-training program and join the research team. You don’t need to be a diver or a scientist to take part! Our project relies on the experience and expertise of our volunteers from around the world.


We adopt an economic, environmental and social responsability policy in all our project locations and partnering dive centers.


Conserving Indonesia’s marine environment through research and education.


Intern with Indo Ocean Project and gain hands-on experience with marine research techniques while completing your divemaster certification in paradise.



Project Highlights: BRUV, Coral Restoration and Penida Turtle ID

Diving Highlights: Manta Rays, Molas, Turtles, Thriving Coral Reefs, Occasional Hammerhead and Thresher Sharks.



Project Highlights: BRUV, Turtle ID.

Diving Highlights: Turtles, Reef Sharks, Macro, World Famous Wall Dives. 


Southern Sulawesi

Project Highlights: BRUV, Shark ID, Marine Park Development

Diving Highlights: Reef Sharks, Turtles, Incredible Coral Reefs, Occasional Hammerhead and Thresher Sharks.

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In April this year I completed a 2 month Research Divemaster Internship with the team at Indo Ocean Project in Nusa Penida. I was inspired, I became a comfortable & competent diver, and I had a great time doing it! The team is supportive, professional, knowledgeable and very experienced. Not to mention the passion that oozes from their souls for marine conservation.

My DM Instructor Serena holds a great deal of diving knowledge & experience. She had been one of my most valuable teachers and mentors in my life to date.

If anyone is considering doing their DM, especially any marine biology folk out there; I can’t recommend this program more highly.They are making important change at an on-ground level using data collected by the interns: BRUV deployment, indicator species surveys, turtle ID, mangrove restoration and coral reef restoration.

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Dive Master and Research Diver Internship, July 19, 2019.

This was an incredible experience and one that I did not want to end. As a divemaster trainee you get to play a key role in the day to day operations of the dive shop which is excellent experience and gives a great insight into the dive industry. The project was expertly run. All staff involved are extremely knowledgeable, experienced, friendly and conscientious of each interns strengths and weakness, ensuring everyone who starts the internship, finishes as a competent dive master. Perhaps the biggest draw card for Indo Ocean Project is the conservation and research diving component. As an intern I had the opportunity to learn about and contribute to a number of meaningful projects, improving my scientific knowledge and broadening my diving skills. In addition to this you have access to full time marine biologists (who also have their dive instructor rating), the conversations you have with them are invaluable.


Dive Master and Research Diver Internship, June, 2019

Came to Indo Ocean Project from Mexico looking to grow in my diving career but mainly because I wanted to actually learn about the ocean and its conservation. The months I spent there were no doubt one of the best times of my life! In there I found family, and made paradise my home while learning heaps from the ocean and from the amazing instructors, staff, friends, indonesian culture.. can’t put in words all that this program gave me! Through it all the training i felt so much support and encouragement from all the team, so much love! feel privileged to have learned from some badass divers with so much knowledge!!! Right after I left Indonesia I started to work as a Dive Master in Tulum and felt really confident about my training and knowledge. Im now an Instructor thanks to this program.
Can not recommend this IOP enough, give yourself the opportunity to experience diving through this beautiful fight and love for the ocean <3

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Dive Master and Research Diver Internship, November, 2018

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Project News

Bimonthly Report August 2021

Bimonthly Report August 2021

From survey dives, exciting BRUV achievements, and new graduates! It has been an action packed 2 months at the Penida Project as we continue to stay focused on project growth, marine conservation and safety.

Hear from the staff at the Penida Project in this Bimonthly Report for August 2021.

Bimonthly Report Indo Ocean Project June 2021

Bimonthly Report Indo Ocean Project June 2021

It has been an action packed few months at the Penida Project and preparing for the relaunching of the Bira Project!

Read more and hear from the staff about what has been happening at Indo Ocean Project from April to June 2021.

Multimedia scholarship

Multimedia scholarship

Indo Ocean Project is happy to announce one yearly scholarship for an exceptional multimedia intern worth 43,000,000 IDR.