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Nusa Penida Project

Elasmobranchs are some of the oldest living creatures on this planet but have survived multiple mass-extinction events. Today, however, critical habitat loss and increased fishing induced mortality have meant that many elasmobranch species are currently experiencing global population declines, and a quarter of known species are threatened with extinction in our lifetime.

One of the leading problems facing conservation biologists is lack of data from remote regions. Indonesia sits in the highest region of the globe for shark and ray biodiversity, however they are one of the world’s leading shark fishing nations and many local populations are near collapse. We aim to collect biodiversity and abundance data on the shark and ray populations of Nusa Penida Marine Protect Area. This data can be used to impact local management and monitor the effectiveness of the MPA’s in order to guide effective management.


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GoPro In Penida

Complete your Dive Master and Research Diver combination course in one of Indonesia’s top diving destinations, Nusa Penida. Work alongside an experienced staff and contribute to ocean science while obtaining an internationally recognized professional diving certification.

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Projects like this rely on the generosity of our partners and volunteers to develop and grow. In order for us to create an awesome adventure for you we do require a tuition to cover your expenses while on program. We have various packages depending on your current diving experience.

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Current Projects

We are currently managing 8 ongoing projects at our headquarters in Nusa Penida; BRUV’s, roving survey dives, coral restoration, behavioural analysis of blue spotted sting rays, turtle ID, mangrove restoration, the Indo Shark Log, and Dive Against Debris/Trash Hero. Learn more about these our current projects here…

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