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Indo Ocean Project is a marine research and conservation program in the heart of the coral triangle, training the next generation of dive professionals through our conservation divemaster internship program. Our field expeditions in Indonesia hosts international and local research projects on marine megafauna conservation efforts including sharks, rays, turtles, and sunfish. We are constantly seeking hardworking and enthusiastic people who take part in our research diver-training program and join the research team. You don’t need to be a diver or a scientist to take part! Our project relies on the experience and expertise of our volunteers from around the world.

Indonesia has been ranked amongst the top shark and ray fishing nations in the world for the past several decades. Sharks are targeted for their fins while mobula rays, such as the manta ray, are prized for their gill rakers. Both of these items have a high retail price in global Asian markets. With the rapid population decline of sharks and rays worldwide NOW is the time for action. More data is needed on the life history traits, population dynamics, and abundance of these species and their prey. By standardizing data collection projects we can cross reference our target areas in Indonesia to have a better understanding of these endangered species and put forth management strategies to protect key areas such as cleaning stations, breeding zones, and nurseries.


Conserving Indonesia’s marine environment through research and education whilst training the highest quality dive professionals through our conservation divemaster internship program.


At Indo Ocean Project we envision a healthy and profitable marine ecosystem throughout Indonesia to benefit the growing tourism industry and help protect the livelihoods of local coastal communities for generations. With the help of our free open access data we contribute to local legislation to support the creation and maintenance of marine parks. The laws that are in place to protect our reefs are based on scientific truths and are respected and enforced. We see more fishing communities across South East Asia turn to eco tourism business models and sustainable fishing practices. All local fishing practices adhere to international law. There will be an increase of mangrove populations along Indonesia’s vast coastline. Through our ‘Adopt a Mangrove’ program we are able to make all communities we are involved with carbon neutral.

How we accomplish our goals

  • Non invasive methodology on all research projects
  • Training new research divers and creating ocean advocates
  • Education of local and tourists alike on current conservation issues and what we can do to help
  • Hosting international research projects and being an outlet for new and young scientists to develop individual research projects
  • Resorting Indonesia’s mangrove populations with cultivation and transplantation
  • Being 100% carbon neutral leaving no carbon foot print and teaching others in the community to do the same through our mangrove restoration program
  • And of course, going on AWESOME dives!

Our Commitment to Responsible Travel

Economic Responsibility
  • all lunches are sourced locally with profits going into our communities
  • all buildings are constructed from locally sources materials and built by a 100% Indonesian construction team
  • 60% of our foundation board members are Indonesian
  • We offer training to our local community to share scuba diving and create new ocean advocates in rural areas across Indonesia through our Indo CorAlliance Initiative. 
  • We offer 2 Indonesian scholarship placements per year to Indonesian citizens.
  • We offer free, open access data to the locally run MPA offices to assist in policy making and marine park management
EnvironmentAL Responsibility
  • We recycle all items possible through our partnering dive shops, and up-cycle plastic bottles in our mangrove nursery
  • We work with Trash Hero Indonesia and Project AWARE and promote and host regular beach and underwater clean ups
  • We run eco expeditions to many destinations including Raja Ampat, Komodo, Banda Sea, Triton Bay and offer many eco friendly alternatives for travel throughout Indonesia
  • All staff, interns, volunteers, guests, and participants in our program are required to sign a waiver and agree to our environmental policies before any diving activity. This policy includes; no stepping on coral, no stirring the sediment, no chasing or touching marine life, no fish feeding, no littering, no collecting dead or live marine life, no anchoring on reef, so selling or trading of coral or marine life souvenirs, always use a mooring buoy, and to support local conservation initiatives.
Social Responsibility
  • We work together with local authorities and organisations to help protect and conserve the marine environment.
  • All foreign participants will be sent a pre arrival guide and a undergo an cultural introduction lead by our Indonesian staff with all the do’s and don’ts for their project area.
  • We organize cultural outings to local temples, festivals, Bahasa Indonesian and cooking classes and other cultural events on request.
  • We train local divemasters in conservation and research techniques through our Indonesian Scholarship program.

Want to join the team?

Contact us for available start dates!

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