We were honored to be awarded as a top internship in 2021 in general categories of Growth, Support and Fun. This year we placed in the highest category of “Best Overall Internship Abroad Programs” alongside massive organisations. 

Every year Go Overseas Community Choice Awards recognize the best travel organizations and providers around the world. They host over 13,000 providers across several categories and Indo Ocean Project has been awarded:

Top Overall Internship Abroad Providers – Second place

“The best internship abroad providers help students and young professionals have an unforgettable experience that helps them grow as a person and develop as a professional. They provide support and assistance while still allowing the intern to learn the lessons necessary for a successful career. When we looked at the scores all providers received across all of the categories we ask interns to rate.” – Go Overseas

We pride ourselves on being a career steppingstone for young marine biologists and dive professionals. From application to well past graduation we strive to support and celebrate success in marine research and tourism industries. We take this job very seriously and are passionate about teaching and conservation.

5 years of welcoming interns, a community of over 200 alumni, and nearly 2.5 years of successfully navigating the pandemic, this award comes as some much need motivation from our graduates and our piers to KEEP IT UP!

Since our award last year we have opened 2 new project locations in Bira (South Sulawesi) and Raja Ampat (West Papua) to welcome more interns and diversify our research potential. 


It has been an incredible journey, and we can’t wait for what is in store next!

Go Overseas Community Choice Awards

Intern abroad programs help interns manage the stresses of moving internationally for a typically short-term job — while still allowing you the chance to expand your worldview and learn important personal and professional lessons first-hand.

We looked at all of the reviews we received this year on internship abroad programs, including the scores we ask reviewers to give on the following categories: Growth, Support, Fun, Housing, and Safety. When we crunched the numbers and read the reviews, we found the the top internship abroad providers in 2021.


Hear from some of our graduate reviews which made this award possible…

The amount of experience I gained through this program is irreplaceable. As a diver and conservation biologist this program really delivered experiences that enhanced my skills and knowledge. You could tell the staff wanted you to get to your highest possible potential while with them and have been more than happy to help with future endeavors. With my program complete, I feel eager to step into the next phase of my life.


Penida Project 2022, USA

You can’t go wrong choosing Indo Ocean Project for your Marine Research and/or Conservation Dive Master internship. Interns are coming from every horizon but with the same passion for the ocean so you’re pretty sure to make new friends (and dive buddies!) coming from all around the world.

This was pure happiness. This was the best experience of my life.


Raja Ampat Project 2022, France

The progression I made was not only with my diving, but also confidence in and out of the water. I managed to get over my fear of open water so quickly with the help of the instructors, who took time out of their day to talk to me about any issue I was having, whether it be to do with the program or just something I wanted to talk about. 

From seeing over 70 sharks in the 2 months I was there to sitting on the beach, drinking beer by a fire. My time in Bira was one of the best things i’ve ever done.


Bira Project 2022, United Kingdom

Want to join the team?

We are always looking for hard working and enthusiastic interns to join our year-round projets in Indonesia. Take an active role as a research assistant while completeing yoru dive master training.