The votes are in! And Indo Ocean Project is on top!

A wonderful surprise to be honored by Go Overseas as one of the top Internship Abroad programs in 2021 in 3 categories; Growth, Support and Fun.

Every year Go Overseas Community Choice Awards recognize the best travel organizations and providers around the world. They host over 13,000 providers across several categories and Indo Ocean Project has been awarded:

Top Internship Abroad Providers: Growth – Second place

“For most interns, the whole point of an internship is growth: academic, professional, and/or personal development that can only be gained through real, international work experience.”

Top Internship Abroad Providers: Support – First place

“Interning abroad is an opportunity for young professionals to experience independence and grow professionally in ways they might never have before. It’s also critically important that the internship abroad program they choose is available for any support interns do need.”

Top Internship Abroad Providers: Fun – First place

“We obviously think that interning abroad should be a fun experience – in fact, we ask every reviewer to tell us how much fun they had overseas. This could include in-office experience and bonding with colleagues or making friends with fellow interns.”

4 years of welcoming interns, over 150 graduates, and nearly 2 years of successfully navigating the pandemic, this award comes as some much need motivation from our graduates and our piers to KEEP IT UP!

Thank you to everyone who supported us in the community choice award. It is such a collaborative project and a big congratulations to our staff for their tireless work the last 4 years, and of course OUR INTERNS who none of this would be possible without!


It has been an incredible journey, and we can’t wait for what is in store next!

Go Overseas Community Choice Awards

Intern abroad programs help interns manage the stresses of moving internationally for a typically short-term job — while still allowing you the chance to expand your worldview and learn important personal and professional lessons first-hand.

We looked at all of the reviews we received this year on internship abroad programs, including the scores we ask reviewers to give on the following categories: Growth, Support, Fun, Housing, and Safety. When we crunched the numbers and read the reviews, we found the the top internship abroad providers in 2021.


Hear from some of our graduate reviews which made this award possible…

Joining IOP was the single best decision I’ve ever made. I’ll never forget all of the jaw dropping but sometimes challenging dive sites, the laid back island life and its people, and the scooter adventures I’ve been on. Finishing the program I could proudly say I have improved my diving skills, increased my marine life knowledge and gained a family.


Graduate 2021, Hong Kong

The program is very complete and detailed, doesn’t.matter what is your starting point, they build you up to be a confident and competent diver while enhancing your knowledge about conservation and ecology of several animals and engaging practically in conservation efforts such as coral restoration and data collection.


Graduate 2021, Italy

This program is a lot of hard work but it can also be the most rewarding experience of your life. I recommend this program to anyone who’s passionate about Marine Conservation and wants to take the next step to build a career in the Diving or Marine Conservation Industry.



Graduate 2021, Canada

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