We are very excited to announce our recent Underwater Exploration grant from WCS (Wildlife Conservation Society) in the form of new Sofar Trident underwater drone cameras.

The Trident is a fast, agile, and portable underwater drone that can be used in many different conditions. It reaches depths of 100m and its design is ideal for use in high currents. Its functions complement our existing projects and allows us to run more efficient marine ecological surveys, biodiversity mapping, and transect research. Its depth and current capabilities offers us a unique opportunity to explore parts of Indonesia’s oceans never before seen by divers. And, it allows our interns the chance to work with emerging conservation technologies gaining hands on experience with a new and vital tool in underwater research.

“We really want to reach organizations that share our commitment to conservation, especially those that work on a community level,” says Dana Tricarico, Program Officer with WCS’s Underwater Exploration program. “This is an incredible opportunity for these organizations to receive a tool that will support their work, and help promote it to a large audience online.” (WCS)

We look forward to receiving our new camera’s and updating you all on their use and progress over the coming year.

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