Water Quality Assessment

We enjoy the beauty of the coral reef ecosystem around the world; the colour, the biodiversity, the crystal-clear water. However, have you ever imagined what makes the coral reefs sit there, why one dive site can be different from another even though both are just basically submerged in the saltwater? One of a tiny bit that we know is the ongoing chemistry processes. Some major water parameters drive the life quality of its residence. Here, we will explore more to the dynamic of the saltwater parameters which are key to the survival of our marine life.

Water quality assessment uses various tests to establish a picture of the overall health of the water at dive sites, vital for the promotion and sustainability of coral reefs. Measurements are taken of the following parameters; dissolved oxygen, nitrate, phosphate, pH, salinity, turbity and temperature.

Objective – To understand and monitor the state of the sea water around our project locations and compile the data globally in conjunction with Innoceana.

Method – Using our water quality assessment testing kits we head out to our BRUV sites and take a series of samples – some are processed then and there on the boat and the results recorded and others are brought back to our base and analysed after the dives. The data is the entered into our database and will be analysed when enough samples are taken.

Additionally we are on standby to test the water quality in any area where changes may be observed and not explained.

Locations: Penida, Bira.