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Conserving our oceans through research, education, and sharing of knowledge

Welcome to Indo Ocean Project, your gateway to a world of underwater exploration, research and adventure. We are more then just a diving program – we are a community of passionate individuals dedicated to preserving our oceans for generations to come.

Our award-winning initiatives and internships allow you to refine your diving skills while actively contributing to marine research and conservation efforts. Immerse yourself in the vibrant coral reefs and diverse marine life at our three ocean observatories in Indonesia. Complete internationally recognised certifications guided by industry-leading professionals.

You don’t need to a scientist or a diver to get involved! Join us in our missions to protect and understand our ocean’s delicate ecosystems. Indo Ocean Project is not just a divemaster program, it’s an opportunity to dive into a world of knowledge, make a meaningful impact, and become a steward of our plant’s underwater world.

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We adopt an economic, environmental and social responsability policy in all our project locations and partnering dive centers.


Conserving Indonesia’s marine environment through research, education, and sharing of knowledge.


Join our award-winning and innovative Divemaster and Research Diver Internship or collaborate with us for your independent research.




Project Highlights: BRUV, coral restoration and Penida Turtle ID

Diving Highlights: Manta rays, molas, turtles, thriving coral reefs, occasional pelagics like hammerhead and thresher sharks.


Southern Sulawesi

Project Highlights: BRUV, shark ID, coral restoration, MPA development

Diving Highlights: Reef sharks, turtles, incredible coral reefs, occasional pelagics like hammerhead and thresher sharks.


West Papua

Project Highlights: BRUV, shark and manta ID, biodiversity

Diving Highlights: Reef sharks, manta rays, biodiverse coral reefs, macro critters, occasional whale sharks and marine mammals.

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Diving Deep into 2023: An Activities Review by Indo Ocean Project

Diving Deep into 2023: An Activities Review by Indo Ocean Project

As we reflect on the past year, we are humbled by the progress at Indo Ocean Project. In this initial overview of activities conducted in 2023 we must acknowledge the hard work of the entire IOP community of staff, interns, and partners. Join us as we delve into the highlights of this extraordinary year, celebrating the dedication and impact of this community of ocean warriors.