Shark Base Citizen Science

One of the databases we contribute to is Dr. Ryan Kempster’s SharkBase. SharkBase is a global shark encounter database helping to map the distribution and structure of shark* populations worldwide. Please get involved and become a Citizen Shark Scientist by submitting your past, present, and future shark* encounters to SharkBase. Even if you have neverContinue reading Shark Base Citizen Science

The Penida Project

Join the research team at the IOP Headquarters in Nusa Penida and encounter some of the oceans most amazing megafauna including Manta Rays, Mola Mola’s, and Reef Sharks! Conduct survey dives, place underwater cameras, and take photo identification pictures for ongoing research projects. Apply online today! Continue reading The Penida Project

The Komodo Project

Departing July 2018, live aboard research vessel Lambo sailing and exploring the Komodo National Park. Get up close with Manta Rays, Hammerhead sharks, Komodo Dragons, and much more. Make every dive count by placing underwater cameras, participating in survey dives, and working alongside professional marine biologists. Continue reading The Komodo Project


BRUV stands for Baited Remote Underwater Video. It consists of a GoPro that is mounted on a frame. 1 kg of bait is placed in a wire cage mounted on a pole in the camera’s field of view.  BRUV sampling is conducted throughout the MPA (Marine Protected Area) that surrounds Nusa Penida. Locations of deploymentContinue reading B.R.U.V.