It is with great pleasure we announce a new partnership with Prof. Sai-Kit Yeung from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology to collaborate in the development of Marine GPT technology.

Prof. Kit is an associate professor at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, driving breakthroughs in AI technology. His underwater journey began in 2019 when he completed his Open Water Diver course and, like many of us at Indo Ocean Project, was hooked. From that point he started to connect his life’s work in robotics with his newfound love for ocean exploration.

One of the leading problems facing marine scientists today is obtaining quality data from remote regions and the rapid analysis of large data sets. Through the work of Prof. Kit and his team we contribute to the advancement and widespread use of GPT technology, which is essential for carrying out marine research projects like ours successfully and efficiently.

In August, Prof. Kit joined us at the Penida Project to instruct the team on how to operate the underwater drone, which will be an essential piece of equipment for carrying out the necessary surveys. The Navatics MITO can dive down to a depth of 40 meters for up to 4 hours while producing clear and steady recordings that are used to develop underwater AI algorithms for fish identification and coral formation determination. The collection of these videos will be managed by the interns over predetermined surface intervals, starting with the creation of advanced mapping and benthic surveys.

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Nusa Penida (Bali), Tanjung Bira (South Sulawesi), Raja Ampat (West Papua)