It is with great pleasure and much anticipation that we announce our partnership with Reeflex Divers as the new headquarters for the Penida Project! We will be offering the same awesome programs at a new fantastic location.

Reeflex Divers is located in the famous Crystal Bay area, home to the iconic Mola cleaning station, an abundance of macro life and one of Penida’s most diverse corals reef. We are excited as it will become the centre of our shore-diving activities including; biodiversity mapping, BRUVs, CoralWatch, rescue scenarios, spectacular NIGHT DIVES and more! Together with Reeflex Divers and Ocean Gardener we will be working hard to learn, monitor and help conserve this special site as our Indo Ocean Project House Reef.

The facilities were designed and owned by ocean loving nerds with a keen eye for conservation and a commitment to responsible tourism. Their infrastructure is built with locally sourced materials and by local tradesmen to minimise environmental impact and help boost the Penida economy. The all-natural pools (yes… there’s 2!) is designed by divers for divers using a complex system of cascading-plant-filtering reservoirs requiring no salt, no chlorine, and no additional chemicals. The shop design allows for minimal power consumption thanks to natural lighting and ventilation and will accommodate solar power alternatives in the future. They have a private rain water and grey water plant-based filtration system allowing for the reuse of water and thus limiting waste. A strict ban on single-use plastic, commitment to vegetarian lunches, free water bottle refilling station, and a partnership with the local community to properly manage their waste are but just a few existing components of their daily operation. It is with great honour we add to this list by bringing our full-time conservation and scientific based dive master training program to their capable hands.

The Penida Project is set to relaunch on September 1st, 2020 according to Indonesia’s current reopening and “New Normal” strategy. We are looking forward to welcoming our incoming interns back to this fresh start by picking up all our projects right where we left them.

We would like to thank all our partners, staff, and interns past, present and future for helping make Indo Ocean Project what it is today and we cannot wait for the next chapter of the adventure to begin.