BRUV Research

BRUV stands for Baited Remote Underwater Video, for more information click HERE. 25 scheduled drops from Komodo National Park to the Gili Islands in Northern Lombok.

Survey Dives

1) Survey survey’s are an in-depth fish identification survey submitted individually through A program installed on the project’s laptops are available on the boat and each diver is required to log their sightings daily. At least one dive a day is dedicated to fish identification, so study up on your fish id guide before you set sail, and take part in our comprehensive fish identification workshops.

2) SharkBase & eOceans survey

Our roving survey dives are submitted to 2 online resources called and eOceans. Our group will collaborate our shark and ray sightings into one survey per dive and submit it on our data program to be entered online after the expedition. Don’t forget those Mola Mola, turtle, and dolphin sightings as well!

3) Manta ID

We take gopro’s and underwater camera’s on all dives to capture footage of all manta rays to submit to online Manta ID and tracking programs. Aiming for the ‘belly shot’ and entering successful photo’s into a ID recognition program to see if we have a match! If it’s an unrecorded Manta than the photographer gets to name it!

Land Based Activities:

Komodo Dragon Encounters


The world’s largest lizard, the Komodo dragon, is arguably Indonesia’s best-conserved large animal. The are protected under Indonesian law and the population is relatively stable with around 2,500 animals in the park and another 2,000 around the larger Flores island. The best place to spot them is in Komodo National Park and Rinca island, which is a World Heritage Site.  We are going on 2 private trekking adventures with our local guide to spot the dragons in Komodo and Rinca, so bring your cameras and get ready for one hell of a selfie!

Moyo Island/Waterfall Hike

moyo waterfall

Moyo Island may have some of the most beautiful beaches on our trip. It’s most attractive feature is a spectacular waterfall and natural swimming pool. It also features a vine swing right over the waterfall edge into a turquoise pool.

Exploring the Islands

We will make a few stops along our journey including the Gili Islands in Northern Lombok, Moyo Island in Northern Sumbawa, Komodo Nation Park, Rinca Island, and Labuan Bajo (the bustling capital of the island of Flores). A chance to get off the boat and stretch your legs while exploring the natural beauty of Indonesia. All hikes are guided by our very own dive master and fellow pirate, while you can go and explore the Gilis and Labuan Bajo independently before meeting up for a sunset dinner on the beach.




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