Location: Nomads Diving, Nusa Penida

Highlight projects: BRUV, coral restoration, and penida turtle ID

Diving Highlights: Manta rays, mola mola’s, turtles, and thriving coral reefs

Located at Nomads Diving on the island of Nusa Penida off the southern coast of Bali, this diving destination boasts multiple manta ray, mola mola, and turtle interactions with research focused on manta conservation and the care and development of our coral nursery.

With 9 research projects currently taking place including BRUV, roving survey dives, coral biodiversity mapping, micro plastic/marine debris surveys, mangrove restoration, coral nursery, blue spotted stingray analysis, penida turtle ID, and the site for the launching of The Great Ocean Log. There is never a dull minute on the Penida Project!

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