Location: Pulau Bunaken, Manado

Project Highlights: BRUV, turtle ID

Diving Highlights: wall diving, turtles, reef sharks, seahorses, macro life

The Bunaken project is our second land based project and third expedition site launching in June 1st 2019. This ‘sister project’ hosts international dive master and conservation trainees to assist in the daily tasks of our research team in the Bunaken National Park in Northern Sulawesi.

Join the team and explore the nutrient rich, warm, crystal clear waters of Northern Sulawesi. Complete your PADI Dive Master and 5 marine ecology specialty courses while taking an active part in a conservation and data collection projects such as BRUV deployment/retrieval, micro plastic and marine debris surveys, roving survey dives, turtle & shark identification, and more.

In this project you will get an authentic ‘island living’ experience with the headquarters located at Lorenso’s Cottages and partnering with Living Colours Diving Resort nestled beachside among the mangroves.

Please keep in mind this is a remote project with limited access to electricity, hot water, and WiFi however the beautiful city of Manado is only a 40 minute boat ride away.

About Bunaken

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