Hello Ocean Warriors!

To help prepare you for your upcoming program at Indo Ocean Project, we have put together some helpful pre-arrival information and study guides so you can make the most of your time in Indonesia. Select from the PDF downloads below for your relevant program. If you have any difficulties accessing these documents please contact us for an alternative sharing solution.

There is a lot of information here so don’t get overwhelmed. Keep in mind that most of the learning will happen on site when you are in the water and on the survey dives, but it is very useful to familiarize yourself with the common names of our indicator species prior to your program start date.

All Projects

Scientific Diver Specialty Student Manual


Project Guide & Conservation Management Plan

** Updated January 2019 **


Fish ID Pre Arrival Study Guide (Part 1 – Sharks, Rays & Turtles)


Fish ID Pre Arrival Study Guide (Part 2 – Boney Fish)

**Updated January 2019**


AWARE Shark Conservation Diver Specialty Course Student Manual


Penida Project

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