Marine Debris Assessment & Dive Against Debris

 Dive Against Debris Diver takes direct ‘fins on’ action for the ocean, collecting critical survey data from any or every dive that can be used by marine researchers and policymakers for conservation efforts. 

Objective & Value – To keep our favourite dive sites in  and local marine environment in our project locations free of debris whilst contributing to the largest global underwater database in the world. Additionally keeping our coral restoration areas free of marine debris will help promote better growth and coral health, aiding recovery. In Nusa Penida this is the world famous Crystal Bay dive site, home to the elusive mola cleaning station. 

We also listen to the local community and are on standby to go to any dive site where debris such as ghost nets may be reported to remove them.




Method – Our interns head out twice a month to Crystal Bay armed with mesh bags, scissors and a lift bag (for any heavy items) to complete our underwater cleanups. Once back at the dive shop debris collected is weighed and sorted and the results are uploaded to the Dive Against Debris global database.