Mangroves are arguably the most diverse and important habitats on the planet. They are a nursery to most reef fish, creatures, and corals and provide essential support to other near by marine ecosystems. They are also one of the best “Carbon Sinks”! In essence, mangroves is natures answer to climate change , and contribute towards the global reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

1/5th of the worlds mangrove population disappearing over the last decade. The primary threats to mangrove destruction is coastal development, their use as a rubbish dump, and overexploitation. Protecting these vital ecosystems has become more important than ever.

In collaboration with the scientists in charge of Mangroves 4 Fiji we will collect, nurse, and transplant mangrove propagules onto the coastline of Nusa Penida, Lembongan, and Bali in predetermined zones and tract their growth progress throughout the year.