Coral Biodiversity Mapping


 As the dive industry thrives across Indonesia the biodiversity and general reef health becomes increasingly economically valuable and potentially at risk. In order to better understand the biodiversity of the region and the impacts of tourism over time, we aim to produce a high resolution map and inventory on the overall biodiversity of selected sights. Special emphasis will be placed on the reef crest through algal plain. We will identify benthic sessile organisms and cryptic invertebrates to the lowest possible classification.

 Additionally, we will survey benthic and mesobenthic fish species through a stationary fish census. This data set will provide a detailed picture of the local biodiversity and will set the base for future research both at Indo Ocean Project and within the community at large.

This project was developed by intern, Nathan Montgomery Smith, as part of his University’s internship program. The project was such a success we have adopted it full time and implementing the methodology across our study areas.

To understand changes in our local coral reef, links between bleaching events and the impacts of climate change, we are using the CoralWatch method to monitor a sample of corals on Dan’s Reef. Coral Watch is a citizen science program based at The University of Queenland, Australia.

Locations: Penida, Bunaken, Bira