We are pleased to announce the recent online publication of our updated Conservation Management Plan 2023.

The team has been working on this document for most of 2022 and was a critical process to take after some pandemic speed bumps. Our fearless leaders; Lauren, Serena and Pascal, took a hard look at our mission and goals and delving into the different tools applied to achieve them.

All activities at Indo Ocean Project are designed to have a purpose in either ecological monitoring and marine research, direct conservation efforts, or education. These are the pillars of our conservation strategy and it is our commitment to our community of interns, staff and partners that we conduct purposeful research and impactful activities in our regions of study.

With the CMP we are able to detect our strengths and weaknesses for a complete overview of our conservation strategy, while providing a road map to achieve our goals. It also outlines the exact activities our team is involved in and is shared to incoming interns as a resource to help better understand what they have gotten themselves into…. while our graduates can use it to reflect on the work that have accomplished and the importance of their role in the project’s development.

CMP 2023

Read our updated Conservation Management Plan 2023. Learn about all the activities and in house research we conduct to achieve our overarching goals and mission.

Pages: 50

Read time: 45 minutes

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