Baited Remote Underwater Video (BRUV) is an incredible tool for surveying amazing marine animals that often shy away from humans. It consists of a structure with a mounted GoPro and bait cage to attract predatory species in the area for identification and research. This non invasive method of marine park monitoring is used around the world and with the recent improvement of underwater video cameras this effective methodology can be implemented in more remote areas of the world. Our BRUV data is stored in our in house data base and used by our lead marine biologist but we also share this data with Dr. Mark Bond from Florida International University to submit our research to a global BRUV monitoring database.

Every single intern and staff member from Indo Ocean Project and Nomads Diving has contributed to these amazing sightings by helping to set our cameras. It hasn’t always been easy (current, technology, other divers, ourselves) but our perseverance has paid off and we are delighted to introduce our best of compilation for 2019 at Nusa Penida headquarters.

If you love the ocean like we do this is 7 minutes of sheer happiness!

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