With the technological advancements in underwater filming equipment Baited Remote Underwater Video’s (BRUV) has quickly become an invaluable surveying tool around the world for marine ecologists. 

The BRUV is one of our original projects and we have deployed 119 video surveys through the Nusa Penida Marine Park since launching. Every year we take a look back and share some of the most exciting sightings we have recorded which helps us establish the biodiversity of fisheries targeted species and marine megafauna within the MPA.

Every single intern and staff member form Indo Ocean Project has contributed to these amazing sightings by helping to set our cameras.

We resumed dropping BRUVs in March 2021 after the pandemic break, with fewer divers in the water we shifted our focus to the South Coast of Penida so it includes A LOT of curious manta rays… even though it wasn’t a full year we still have this awesome 5-minute compilation for 2021’s research.

We hope to set more BRUVs in 2022 and beyond!

Want to join the team?

We are always seeking hard-working and enthusiastic interns to join our program. Become a dive master while taking part in marine conservation and guiding research dives.