It’s ready! Our Best of BRUV videos are finished for 2022 and we are excited to share them with you!

In 2022 we droped BRUV’s in both Nusa Penida (year round) and Bira (from February to mid December). Raja Ampat Project started in November 2022 and was not included in this year’s competation. But stay tuned as we share results fromthe projects regularly.

Read on to watch our two Best of BRUV videos from 2022 from the Nusa Penida and Bira Projects…

Best of BRUV 2022 – Nusa Penida

Location: Nusa Penida Marine Protected Area

Time: January – December 2022

Number of successful BRUV deployments: 50

Number of Research Interns: 49

Project Staff: Serena, Michaela, Pascal, Rinaldi, Arya, Mette, Sigrid

Best of BRUV 2022 – Nusa Penida

Location: Tanjung Bira, Pulau Liukang, and Pulau Kambing

Time: February – December 15th 2022

Number of successful BRUV deployments: 56

Number of Research Interns: 31

Project Staff: Jeffri, Qinthan, Elise, Marco

More about BRUV's

BRUV stands for Baited Remote Underwater Video and is a key part of our ecological monitoring program. At each location aroudn 4-5 BRUV’s are deplpoyed and left to record for 1 hour. This footage is reviewed by our training and certified research assistant interns with the data recorded. This data is shared with fellow BRUV researchers around the world and used in house for our ecological monitoring. 

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Nusa Penida (Bali), Tanjung Bira (South Sulawesi), Raja Ampat (West Papua)