We are delighted to unveil the Purple Grant in collaboration with Purple Dive Penida, an initiative designed to empower Indonesian women in the field of marine sciences. This grant, awarded twice a year, is made possible through Purple Dive Penida’s dedication to environmental sustainability and their partnership with 1% for the Planet.

The Mission Behind The Purple Grant

Both Indo Ocean Foundation and Purple Dive Penida share a unique connection as they are both founded and led by women. This partnership not only underscores our joint commitment to empowering women in marine sciences but also highlights the importance of female leadership in driving positive change for our oceans. Through our collective efforts, we aim to inspire more women to pursue careers in marine sciences and make significant contributions to environmental conservation.

Facilitating marine research in remote regions of Indonesia is of paramount importance. These areas often harbor unique and fragile ecosystems that are vital to global biodiversity. By empowering women researchers to study these remote regions, we can gain valuable insights into their ecological significance, threats they face, and effective conservation strategies.

Additionally, conducting research in remote areas allows us to address knowledge gaps and develop targeted conservation initiatives tailored to the specific needs of these ecosystems. This not only benefits local communities and marine life but also contributes to global efforts to protect our oceans for future generations.

Our partnership with Purple Dive Penida and 1% for the Planet enables us to allocate resources towards empowering women researchers and driving positive change in marine conservation efforts.

“We are very happy to support women graduates and scientists with this project. As a women owned business, we know it can be difficult to obtain equal opportunities and we hope this will encourage women with project related to ocean research to apply for this grant!”
Helene and Julia, Purple Dive Penida

Eligibility Criteria

The Purple Grant is open exclusively to Indonesian women in marine sciences who are eager to pursue independent research projects. Applicants should demonstrate a strong passion for marine conservation and a clear vision for their research, aligning with our mission to protect Indonesia’s marine biodiversity.

Successful applicants will also receive mentorship and guidance from Indo Ocean Foundation throughout their research journey, enhancing their skills and knowledge in marine sciences

How It Works

The Purple Grant operates on a quarterly basis, with funds accumulating from Purple Dive Penida’s sales contributions. This unique funding model is made possible by Purple Dive Penida’s commitment to environmental sustainability and social responsibility. As part of their dedication to giving back, Purple Dive Penida has joined the 1% For the Planet community and pledged to donate 1% of its sales to nonprofit and conservation initiatives close to their heart.

This financial support allows us to award two grants annually starting from January and July. We began collecting contributions from January 2024 and will start accepting grant applications from July for the following year’s research projects. This timeline provides aspiring women researchers with ample time to plan and collaborate with Indo Ocean’s researchers.

When planning your next diving adventure, consider booking with Purple Dive Penida to make your dives count towards a meaningful cause. Each dive with Purple Dive Penida supports their commitment to empowering women in marine sciences and contributes to positive environmental impact initiatives. Dive into action with Purple Dive Penida and be a part of creating a sustainable future for our oceans.

Application Process

To apply for the Purple Grant and explore our Marine Research Fellowship, please visit our website at Indo Ocean Foundation. Follow the application guidelines, and don’t hesitate to contact us at lauren@indooceanproject.org for further details.

We encourage all eligible Indonesian women in marine sciences to seize this incredible opportunity to advance their research and contribute to marine conservation in Indonesia. Together, let’s empower women leaders and make a lasting impact on our oceans’ health and sustainability. Apply for the Purple Grant today and be a catalyst for positive change in marine sciences!