Raja Ampat, the “Four Kings” in English, is considered as the richest area for corals and marine biodiversity on earth as it lies right in the middle of the coral triangle. It has a worldwide reputation for the best scuba diving.


The arrival airport is located in Sorong, the center of this western part of Papua.


It is a diving Eden! Raja Ampat is 40,000 Km2 archipelago located off the Papua coast, offer magnificent seabed’s. A combination of emerald seas, lagoon, limestone islands, secret passages, mangroves and wild forest provide an outstanding environment. Scarcely inhabited or visited, the park always seems to be explored for the very first time.


Manta rays, sharks, jacks, shoals of mackerels, and schooling tropical fish come to discover the coral triangle, one of the richest area for biodiversity on earth. Truly the last frontier in the tropical underwater world.