Survey Dives

Being able to conduct rapid species assessments is becoming increasingly more important as a conservation research tool. Our research team uses the ‘Roving Diver Technique”, a visual surveying method designed specifically for actively seeking out and positively identifying indicator species. Data on species composition, sighting frequency, and abundance of all fishes are collected using thisContinue reading Survey Dives


BRUV stands for Baited Remote Underwater Video. It consists of a GoPro that is mounted on a frame. 1 kg of bait is placed in a wire cage mounted on a pole in the camera’s field of view.  BRUV sampling is conducted throughout the MPA (Marine Protected Area) that surrounds Nusa Penida. Locations of deploymentContinue reading B.R.U.V.

Eco Ocean Bricks

Time to start building towards sustainability! Indo Ocean Project adopts the Eco Ocean Bricks!   What is an Ecobrick? Ecobricks are recycled plastic bottles packed solid with soft plastics and non-biodegradable waste to make a re-useable building block. At Indo Ocean Project we focus on waste taken from beach and underwater clean ups, preventing thatContinue reading Eco Ocean Bricks